Thursday, 18 February 2016

Selections & Welcome Pack

Selections & Welcome Pack |

On Friday, Aaron went to pick up the selections and welcome pack. Apparently you get that when you pay your deposit and commit to BH.

And you know what? It makes it a little more real. We can collect as many brochures as we want, anyone can at a display home, but this is something saying we're glad you chose us, and here are some things you are going to need to choose from for YOUR HOME. When he sent me a text message with this photo, I actually felt a little nervous, butterflies in my stomach feeling.

Beechwood Selection & Welcome Pack |

I think trying to agree on our selections might be almost as tough on our marriage as attempting to build Ikea furniture together!

Obviously it may be different depending on which range you go with, and what inclusions you might have or add on as custom variations, but I thought I'd share some of the paperwork here.

We are building the Verdelho Twist, which is a Genesis Home. The Genesis range from BH is a cheaper selection for First Home Buyers. So it makes sense that their selections for carpet, tiles, appliances, fittings etc would be a cheaper range also. Everything we can choose from is pretty standard, except the few things we have already upgraded in our tender. My favourite, being the Caesarstone kitchen bench tops.

This welcome pack has one display folder where you write down your selections. The rest are brochures from the different companies BH uses. Each brochure has a list of locations where you can see these products in person before you make your decision.

Window Trim
Bench Tops

And so the journey continues. If anyone is reading this, are you building, thinking of building, or already built? I'd love to hear your experiences.


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