Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Plans Are Approved

Yay! Our plans have been approved.

plans are approved

I was heavily stalking our local council website to see the status of our plans and was really disappointed that the plans were approved 13th of June, and when I contacted BH the week after, they had no news for me and told me that it has to go through their head office. Anywho, I heard back from them last Thursday, the 14th of July to say that the plans had been officially accepted by both council and BH.

Now they need some documentation from my lender to show we have been given preapproval, and then we book in for our colour selections and contract signing appointment. That will be in two weeks time.

We have checked through the colour selections booklet so many times and we have found it really hard to make a decision, probably because it's going to be our forever home that we will live in, well, forever.  No big deal, right!?

Anyways, our sales rep kind of chastised me that there's no point booking us in for our colours if we haven't agreed on anything so Aaron and I sat down over the weekend and made almost every single decision. The only thing we haven't agreed upon as of yet is the kitchen bench.
We've upgraded to caesarstone bench tops and one of us wants jet black, and the other wants ocean foam. We are having light grey flooring, white cabinetry and stainless steel appliances and handles. What do you think?

Ocean Foam or Jet Black

Until next time, when hopefully I have more to tell you and can share our colour selections!!!

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